What a Keller Fence Contractor Can Do For You

A Keller Fence contractor is a professional who designs and builds fences for homes and businesses. They can work within your budget and your specifications to design a fence that will serve your needs. They can also retroactively install gates to existing fences. One option is a swing gate that slides open to give you rear access to the property.

Wooden fences

A Keller Fence contractor can install a wooden fence to complete the look of your property. Wooden fences have a timeless look and are an environmentally friendly option. However, wood fences require a bit more maintenance than other materials. Depending on the type of wood and weather conditions, wooden fences may need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years.

A Keller Fence contractor can also install privacy fences. Privacy fences are important for preventing intruders from breaking in and trespassing. They can also provide privacy for the residents, which will increase property value. Regardless of the size of your property, a quality fence can help protect your property and provide years of privacy.

In addition to wooden fences, a Keller Fence contractor can also install wrought iron fences. While these types of fences are more expensive, they are extremely durable. With proper maintenance, they can last a century or more. They can also be used for railings on decks and in gardens. Iron handrails can be customized to fit the look of your home and your style.

Custom gates

If you are looking to add gates to your property, consider having a custom gate installed. These gates are a great way to make an area off-limits to guests more accessible. You can place a gate on the front or back lawn of your property. Or, you can add a gate retroactively to an existing fence. There are several types of gates: swing gates, cantilever gates, sliding gates, and other types. A Keller Fence contractor can provide a variety of gate options for your property.

When installing a gate, it is important to decide how it will open and close. Choosing the correct style can avoid problems down the road. For example, a swing door may not be functional because parked cars can block the door. A rolling gate, on theĀ https://www.kellertxfence.com/ other hand, uses a track and wheel system embedded in the base of the gate.

Permits for building a fence in Keller

Permits for building a fence in the Keller area are required if you intend to erect a fence on a residential property. Permitted fences in Keller are not as tall as eight feet and must adhere to the city’s current fence ordinance. In addition, they must not be taller than four feet on corner lots and must have self-closing gates. In addition, a wooden fence cannot extend past the property line on the side facing the street. Wrought iron fences can be erected eight feet inside the property line.

In addition, fences cannot be placed in an easement and may not block visibility triangles. Swimming pool fences also carry additional rules. Additionally, fences in historic districts, conservation districts, and neighborhood stabilization overlay districts must conform to specific guidelines. In addition, owners must repair or replace fences periodically. If the fence is a replacement, the new fence must be of a similar composition, size, and color as the original one.