Benefits of Fabric-Based Roller Blinds

There are many benefits to using fabric-based roller blinds. The fabric can be easily printed with custom patterns. Another plus is the cost and durability. If you have a lot of windows, consider purchasing more than one set of roller blinds to create a unique look. This way, you can use different fabrics and create a different look for each room in your house. You can even choose fabrics that blend with your current decor or coordinate with the color scheme of your room.

Fabric printing is easy

If you love the look of a custom-printed roller shade but aren’t sure how to make it happen, it’s easy. This window covering is made with fabric that can be printed on one or both sides. A high-end eight-color printer can print the design, leaving it resistant to light and staining. Plus, it can be easily cleaned and is long-lasting.

Custom-printed window coverings can be personalized with your favorite photo or pattern. You can choose a city skyline or a photo of a loved one. If you have a business, you can even get your logo printed on the blinds. This is a great way to promote your business and brand.


When it comes to installing new roller shades, the cost of installation will vary by the number of shades and the materials used. A good way to minimize the cost is to contact several contractors and ask them to bid on the same detailed work specification. It is also a good idea to combine jobs that are similar in size and scope in order to lower installation costs. Finally, consider the time it will take to assemble the shades.

There are many stores in Singapore that sell roller blinds, and you can even buy them online. The most important thing is to get at least three or four quotes before choosing a store. It’s also important to get quality products. You don’t want to pay too much or end up with a poor product.


The durability of roller blinds largely depends on the material that they are made of. The most durable window coverings will last longer and require less maintenance than their less durable counterparts. It is always good to read reviews before purchasing a roller blind to see how durable it is. In addition, cordless mini blinds and roller blinds made of polyester fabric are easy to clean and do not have draping problems.

Operating systems used in roller blinds can also contribute to the durability of the blind. Depending on the environment, operating systems can be low maintenance or complex. Choosing a system that roller blinds calgary requires minimal maintenance will also cut down on repairs. End cap locking systems will help ensure the security of the blind, which is another factor in determining its durability.


When installing a roller blind, you need to know the proper dimensions and location. It should cover the entire window shape and be installed on the wall. Also, keep in mind the height and width of the ceiling, as they will affect the height of the blind. To prevent any damage to the blind or its mechanisms, make sure that the window is not too high or too low.

To install your roller blind, measure the distance between the window and wall, and mark where you need to place the second bracket. After this, drill pilot holes and appropriate sized holes for the plasterboard anchors. Once you’ve drilled the holes, screw in the second bracket. Check that the blind is installed correctly before moving on to the next step.

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