Acacia Wood Furniture

Acacia wood is heavy and durable, and it can withstand wear and tear. Its sturdiness and beautiful graining make it ideal for high-end furniture. But what’s it like to maintain this wood? Here are a few things to consider before buying acacia wood furniture. Read on to find out more. And, of course, we haven’t forgotten about the cost! Read on to find out how to care for your new pieces of acacia wood furniture.

acacia wood

Acacia wood is a versatile hardwood, resistant to warping, swelling, and termites. It is also relatively lightweight, making it an excellent choice for light weight and durable furniture. The distinctive wood grain makes this hardwood both attractive and durable. For a more traditional style, consider a piece made of acacia wood for its traditional, elegant appeal. Buying furniture made of acacia wood will ensure years of enjoyment from your new pieces.

Acacia wood is not as demanding as other types of wood, but it does require some maintenance. Over time, its rich color may fade to a grey tone. It is best to wipe excess oil from acacia wood furniture every now and then. You should also avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight because it will eventually fade and crack. If you’re considering buying an Acacia wood furniture piece, remember to clean it regularly to maintain its luster.

Care for acacia wood furniture

Proper care is the key to maintaining Acacia wood furniture. You canĀ acacia wood furniture simply wipe it clean with soap and water, or you can apply a natural oil to bring out its natural tones. When applying oils to Acacia wood furniture, choose a pigmented oil rather than a transparent one. Acacia wood is sensitive to sunlight, and using the wrong oil can damage the wood’s natural drying properties.

Commercial acacia wood furniture is generally oiled with tung or boiled linseed oil. The former has a satin finish, but doesn’t provide much UV protection. Linseed oil is the least expensive option. But if you’re worried about the wood absorbing oils, consider using linseed oil. This is easier to apply and will maintain the furniture’s beautiful appearance.

Cost of acacia wood furniture

Whether you’re looking for a dining table, console, or chair, acacia wood is an attractive hardwood. However, it is not as inexpensive as oak, or other more exotic wood species. This wood is imported, and its prices are accordingly higher than the domestic equivalent. Chairs made of Acacia wood can cost anywhere from $50 to $350. However, you can save money on the purchase by finding a reliable online seller.

Buying Acacia wood is expensive, and you may want to invest in locally-available options if the cost of imported wood is prohibitive. While acacia is resistant to scratches, it is not impervious to insects or fungus. This material is also highly sustainable, since it is found in abundance in the universe and farmers only cut trees after using the sap. Otherwise, they are useless for other purposes.

Durability of acacia wood furniture

While acacia wood slabs are light, the furniture made from them can be heavy and difficult to move around. Acacia wood is best suited to temperate climates, but the wood can crack or bow when subjected to extreme heat. It is also best to rotate your pieces every now and then, as prolonged exposure to rain can cause the wood to swell and bulge. If you’re buying a piece of acacia furniture for your home, be sure to read the following tips to protect your investment.

While acacia wood furniture can last decades if properly cared for, be sure to keep it away from water and harsh cleaning agents. Cleaners containing ammonia, silicone, and other solvents can also strip the finish. Additionally, avoid using liquids, such as deodorants, perfumes, and alcohol, as these can draw moisture away from the wood. To avoid the need for cleaning supplies, consider using coasters and place mats to protect your acacia wood furniture.