A Guide to Pastel Gothic Styles

The pastel goth style has gained popularity recently. It started on Tumblr and has spread to other social media channels. It is a style that takes elements from many other styles, allowing you to create your own unique look. However, it is important to note that the style may not be appropriate for all people.


If you love the dark and grungy look, but want to wear a sweet, cute twist, you might like the look of pastel goth clothing. This style combines gothic styling with kawaii fashion, and is gaining popularity in the alternative fashion community. Shop online for clothing that is perfect for this trendy look.


If you’re looking for a makeover that will leave a lasting impression, pastel goth makeup is the way to go. This trend is characterized by dramatic eyes and a range of colors. Besides mascara and eyeshadow, this look often includes falsies. You can finish your look with setting spray to keep it looking fresh all day and night.


There are many different pastel goth hairstyles available to choose from. TheĀ  main factor when choosing a hairstyle is hair color. Choose a color that complements your overall outfit. If you are naturally dark-haired, consider bleaching it for a lighter tone. Soft pastel colors include flamingo pink, salmon red, and light turquoise. Stay away from green or other bright colors.


These seamless patterns are perfect for creating scrapbook paper, home textiles, gift wrap, and stationery. They come in different sizes, and you can simply drop them onto a background. The patterns come in 300dpi jpegs at 12×12 inches. You can find these patterns on their product page, and you can even post your finished projects on social media!


Pastel Gothic handbags have a distinctly feminine feel, yet are also highly functional. They are made of a soft, vegan exterior and feature elegant details such as corsetry and bows. They also feature an adjustable strap so you can wear them at the appropriate length.

Avoiding neon colors

When it comes to pastel goth fashion, the key is to avoid neon colors. ThisĀ Ninja Cosmico – Grunge Aesthetic, Egirl, Pastel Goth & More is because neon colors are extremely shocking and can make you look over the top. Instead, you should opt for shades of sky blue and violet instead.

Hairstyles reminiscent of emo

Pastel goth hairstyles are similar to emo in aesthetic but are less extreme than the emo trend. Initially gaining attention on Tumblr, the style now has a more alternative edge, focusing less on projecting an online curated image and more on a lifestyle.

Hairstyles reminiscent of screamo

Pastel goth hairstyles are reminiscent of screamo and emo fashions, although they’re softer and tend to stick to pastel hues, rather than the blaring colors of emo. Pastel goths also tend to mix and match styles, focusing on individuality and boldness. The style isn’t considered part of the larger goth community.