Playful Turtle Playground Marking

Playground marking isn’t just about fun – it can also be educational and help children develop essential physical skills. This playful turtle playground marker has a colourful number sequence on its shell which is perfect for teaching basic numeracy and counting skills.

It can be played alone or with others and is ideal for encouraging jumping, hopping and balance skills. Children can use any small throwable object such as bean bags to try and hit the numbers, which encourages competitiveness and teaches numeracy whilst developing practical hand-eye coordination. For more advanced children it can be used to practice multiplication and addition skills as they throw more than one bean bag at a time, or even challenge themselves to try and hit the highest scoring segment on the mark.

These pre-formed thermoplastic playground turtle playground marking markings can be installed on a plain tarmac surface to transform it into a fun and exciting game area. They’re long lasting and self-cleaning, extra reflective and free of lead and chromates, with embedded beads to add traction to reduce slip risks.

They are also highly adaptable, allowing you to create a variety of sensory paths or patterns by arranging them into the shape of a turtle or other animals. This gives you a unique opportunity to build an imaginative adventure trail, where children can side-step like crabs, balance on crocodiles or leap like frogs.

The turtle hop station playground marking is a great alternative for encouraging active outdoor play during breaks and PE lessons, while promoting teamwork and social interaction. Children will love imagining themselves embarking on a journey across the backs of these charming turtles, crossing their own lily pad ponds or magical river.