How to Repair a Windshield

Your windshield is a vital part of your car’s safety. It provides structural support for the roof and helps keep out wind, rain, and other debris while you drive. So if it’s cracked or damaged, you’ll want to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Whether your windshield is damaged by a rock flying off the road or an object thrown at your car by thieves, it’s important to get it repaired promptly so that you can continue driving safely. Fortunately, many windshield crack repair companies are able to provide fast, convenient services. Some can even come to your home or workplace to perform repairs, making the process even easier.

While some people may try to repair their own windshield damage using a do-it-yourself kit, this is not recommended as it can be a tricky process and may not yield the best results. A professional technician will use a resin that fills in the crack or chip, strengthening it and helping prevent further damage. They will also clean the area to ensure that there is no moisture inside the crack or chip, which can cause further damage.

Most windshields are made of a type of layered glass with a plastic layer in the middle called “laminate.” Unlike regular tempered glass that breaks into small, granular pieces when it’s broken, laminated glass holds together and generally only requires a minor replacement to remove any loose fragments. However, side and rear windows are often made of tempered glass that tends to shatter when it’s broken, requiring complete replacement instead of a repair.

There are many different types of windshield damage that can occur, including chips and cracks. Chips are typically smaller and have a clear center, while cracks can run from one end of the windshield to the other or be curved. Other common types of windshield damage include starbursts, bullseyes, pitting, and crazing.

In general, if the windshield crack or chip is less than six inches long, does not impede your line of vision while driving, and has not spread out from the initial hit mark, it should be repaired. If the damage is too extensive, a full windshield replacement may be necessary. In most cases, you can test the depth of a crack or chip by placing a coin on it. If the coin shows through to the inner glass layer, then it is too deep to be repaired and will require a full windshield replacement.

Before scheduling a windshield repair appointment, it’s helpful to keep the damaged glass as dry as possible. If possible, avoid parking your car near sprinklers and try not to wash it. You should also try to schedule your repair for a day when it’s not raining or sprinkling. This will help to ensure that there is no moisture in the windshield crack or chip, which can cause it to expand or even worsen. Also, place a piece of clear tape over the crack to prevent moisture from seeping in.

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